School Principal Survey

1. Did you see a positive change in the way children who took Dancing Classrooms treated each other:

    Yes: 96.3%     No: 3.7%     Don’t know: 0%

2. Did your school climate experience a positive change after the children completed Dancing Classrooms:

     Yes: 92.3%     No: 3.9%     Don’t know: 3.8%

3. Do you believe Dancing Classrooms has any impact on academic performance:

     Yes: 80.8%     No: 7.7%     Don’t know: 11.5%

4. Did your school experience a drop in behavior management problems in the children taking Dancing Classrooms: 

      Yes: 79.2%     No: 16.6%     Don’t know: 4.2%

5. Do you believe that Dancing Classrooms increase parent involvement in your school:

      Yes: 70.4%     No: 22.2%     Don’t know: 7.4%

6. Did the children taking Dancing Classrooms experience a drop in absenteeism:

       Yes: 42.3%     No: 34.6%     Don’t know: 23.1%

Teachers liked the program and want to do again. They felt it made a positive impact on the students.
— Elementary School Principal