Teaching Artist and Site Expansion Sponsors
($5,000 +)

The Emerald Foundation
Sonja Vogen Baertsch (Duluth)
Sharon Gentling (Rochester)
Bob Sondag

Tango Sponsors ($2,000 - 4,999)

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Julie Anderson
Catherine Andrus
Maxine Wallin

The Gage Family Foundation

Citizens Independent Bank

Think Mutual Bank


In-Kind Donors

MidPointe Event Center
Snow Ball DanceSport Competition
Twin Cities Open Ballroom Championships
University of Minnesota Ballroom Dance Club
u partner dance
USA Dance, Minnesota Chapter

Rumba Sponsors ($1,000 - 1,999)

Brad and Mary Bakken
Jim Carter (Duluth)
Citizens Independent Bank
Judith S. Corson
Monique Forcier (Duluth)
Beverly Grossman
Cecily Hines
Andrea and Dr. Brad Kuzel (Duluth)
Vicci Johnson
Robert Midness
Delores (Dede) Ouren
Donald Phillips
Connie Remele
Jonathan Reznick (Duluth)
Dr. Rosebud Roberts (Rochester)
Jill Smith and Greg Warner
Superior Ballroom Dance Studio (Duluth)
Dr. Constance Thai and Dr. Tony Novak
Andrew Thomas
Emily Anne Staples Tuttle
Susan and Paul Waldon
Dennis Yelkin

Swing Sponsors ($500 to $999)

Julie Anderson
Sue and Harvey Anderson (Duluth)

Beverly Aplikowski
Maggie and Tom Arzdorf-Schubbe
Patricia Barrier (Rochester)
Susan Boren

Delia and Tyrone Bujold
Camille Burke
Ligaya Carlos
Wendy Dayton
Katherine Goodale
Sharon Kennedy

Janie Mayeron and James Lockhart
Ron Mirenda
Judy and Lou Ohly (Rochester)

Sarah Rockler
Dave and Cathy Schmitt
Russell Scott
Carol and Stewart Swanson (Rochester)

Nancy and Bob Theiler
Lynne Thompson

USA Dance Southern Minnesota Chapter

Foxtrot Sponsors ($250)

Rebecca Anderson
John Burns
Sharon Burton (Rochester)

Nell and Ronald Collier
DanceLife Ballroom
Richard Eichstadt (Rochester)
Barbara Forster and Larry Hendrickson

Heather and John Hammargren
Suzanne Jebe
Peggy Kubicz Hall and Ed Hall
Jean LaFavor
Catharine McBride (Rochester)

Tom and Marian Niemiec
Debra Owens

Daniel Pennie and Anne Carayon
Dee Dee Phillips
Susan Vandersteen (Duluth)
Nancy Weidler