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Dancing Classrooms cultivates essential life skills through the practice of social dance while utilizing a highly developed, CASEL (Coalition for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning) certified Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum to create an environment in which each child is connected, respected, and thriving.

According to a 2011 study, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) instruction increases academic achievement scores by an average of 11 percentile points. In a recent follow-up article, CASEL noted "SEL participants later demonstrated a 6% increase in high school graduation rates, and an 11% increase in college graduation rates."

Students at Windom Dual Immersion School in Minneapolis got a visit from the KARE-11 crew as they performed for their parents and others in the school community.


Our integrated curriculum makes it easy for educators to bring new life and add perspective to standard educational subjects including: reading, writing, math, social studies, geography, music, physical education, and visual arts. Administrators and teachers alike report their school cultures are positively impacted through the mutual respect, courtesy, and cross-cultural understanding emphasized in the Dancing Classrooms residency.


Lisa Anderson, a now retired fifth grade teacher at Pinewood Elementary School in Rochester, remains an advocate for Dancing Classrooms after her positive classroom experience in 2017. According to Lisa’s testimony for our Rochester Area Foundation grant, “Dancing Classrooms is a program that not only welcomes all students, but expects them to demonstrate strength of character at the highest level.”

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Learning Empathy Through Dance

Schools are increasingly using movement and expression as vehicles for teaching kids social-emotional skills.


Principal sees huge growth in mutual respect

Rochester’s Riverside Elementary School Dancing Classrooms experience.


“I believe that participating in Dancing Classrooms will yield positive, long-term effects for my students. For some, this program has ignited a love of social dance that will stay with them their entire lives. For others, the ability to try something new, persist through discomfort, and get to a successful conclusion will transfer to new experiences. It was lovely to see students grow in confidence and encourage each other. Some of our quietest students were shining stars on the dance floor.”

— Elementary School Principal

“I have the opportunity to see and measure growth from an outside perspective. Dancing Classrooms is wonderful for our kids and I've seen positive improvement socially and academically.”

— School Counselor, Learning for Leadership Charter School