Sheer Dance - July, 2018

Learn about 5th grader Harry's experience in the Dancing Classrooms in, "Ms. Frances Made Me Feel I Could Do Anything." On the first day of the program he felt shy, by the end he was able to speak in front of over 200 adults! Read the article.

Rochester Area Foundation - March, 2018

Read the personal experiences of students, teachers, Principals, and even the Rochester Superintendent after their first semester with the Dancing Classrooms Program.  "Rochester School District Leads in Introducing Respect and Teamwork through Ballroom Dance," gives you a taste of the program from beginning to end! Read the article.

Moms and Dads Today - February 15, 2018

In "Dancing with the fifth-graders - Duluth's Raleigh Academy kicks off new ballroom dancing program", Andrea Busche gives insight into the Dancing Classrooms program's beginnings in Minnesota, and the impact it had on Duluth students in its first year. Read the article.

Sheer Dance - February 1, 2018

Hear from students and parents about their experience at the Fall 2017 Colors of the Rainbow Team Match, and the Respect, Elegance, and Teamwork they've experienced through Dancing Classrooms. As one 5th grader said: “We are doing ballroom because we need to accept one another and work with everyone. And we need to accept the other gender living upon the earth the same as us... Ballroom dance has changed me.” Read the article.