Be an Ambassador! 

Connect us with interested schools, teachers, donors, and volunteers. Use your personal and professional networks to help us be more successful. 

Be a Classroom Assistant!

Are you interested in supporting our Teaching Artists during lessons at participating schools? You don't need to be a dancer to experience the joy of working with our fifth grade students! We are seeking Classroom Assistants for the fall semester.

For more information, contact Classroom Assistant Coordinator, Dede Ouren.

Be a Professional Buddy!

Are you a professional dancer with time to visit a classroom or two during the semester? One of the highlights of our program is when dance professionals visit our classrooms and tell the students about their career and demonstrate a few of the dances with the Teaching Artist for that class. The students love seeing how beautiful the dances they are learning look when shown professionally.

For more information, contact Program Manager, Carrie Sandgren.


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