Would you like to improve your child’s academic performance? Would your child benefit from learning a unique yet practical skill? Do you want them to be excited to learn about cultures from around the world? Would you like them to experience the physical and mental challenges of learning to move their bodies in rhythm with music, sharpen their physical coordination skills, and gain greater mastery over their movements? Are you interested in an opportunity for your child to expand their social skills and emotional development? Connect us with your child’s school!

In addition to improving academic performance, the Dancing Classrooms program helps students gain transformative social and emotional learning (SEL) skills including:

  • overcoming social anxieties
  • enhanced self-respect, respect for others, and social skills
  • increased confidence, self-esteem, discipline, and general academic performance
  • improved physical development, coordination, and participation
  • reduced childhood obesity

If you would like us to connect us with your child’s school, please contact us today!