Dancing Classrooms Academy is an enrichment experience exclusively for Dancing Classrooms alumni who want to pursue a deeper exploration of dance styles and technique while building on the powerful social skills they developed during their in-school residency. This weekend dance academy will be a yearlong partner dance program with multiple performance opportunities.

DC Academy:

  • Teaches a higher level of partner dance training

  • Provides a dance community and gives students an opportunity to cultivate new friendships with other children across the Twin Cities

  • Breaks down cultural, social, and gender barriers

  • Reinforces Respect, Elegance, and Teamwork

  • Promotes self-confidence and discipline

  • Engages students in a rewarding weekend activity

The DC Academy experience is available for a nominal fee of only $200 for the entire year (September 2019 - June 2020). That’s 30 sessions at less than $7 per class! To guarantee enrollment, parents/guardians must pay a $50 deposit online when registering or in person at the first lesson on September 28. Payment options are available for the remaining balance. Students must commit to the full year of classes.


Saturdays, beginning September 28 • 10 - 11 a.m.

Tapestry Folkdance Center

3748 Minnehaha Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55406

DC Academy Registration

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Parents/guardians must pay the $50 deposit online when registering or in person at the first lesson on September 28. Even if you select "in person at the first lesson" on this registration form, once you click "submit" you will automatically be redirected to the online payment option. You do not need to fill out that page unless you want to make an online payment. Your registration information will be recorded from this page.