So much more than dance

At Heart of Dance we engage people of all ages in a shared experience of learning that gets them off their screens and on their feet, creating powerful human connections of healing and happiness! Our programs are customizable to the audience and organization, and have one thing in common ⁠— a compassionate teaching artist who believes in you and all you can be!

DC Academy

DC Academy is a year-long enrichment experience for Dancing Classrooms student alumni who wish to pursue a deeper exploration of the technical intricacies of various dance styles, with multiple performance opportunities to build confidence and self-esteem. We are now registering for our first year of DC Academy!

Barriers into Bridges

Barriers into Bridges, a one to four hour professional development workshop, engages teams in a series of collaborative exercises to examine our inherent assumptions about ourselves and others, and how those can interfere with communication and real human interaction.

Dance for Life

Dance for Life is a 10 week residency for active seniors, ambulatory memory-care elders, and their caregivers. It weaves together music, storytelling, and interactive dance to focus on four key areas:

  • Building physical strength and flexibility

  • Improving balance to reduce the risk of falls

  • Expanding social connections

  • Increasing cognitive focus to delay or diminish the effects of dementia

All this while sparking joy and passion! It concludes with an on-site community social dance event open to clients, staff, and families that bridges generational and cultural gaps through dancing.


"I think there are many benefits that come from knowing ballroom dance. One is bringing all of us together."

Elizabeth, 5th Grade